What is Contachit?
Contachit can be thought of as a front-end to C++, that allows you to both view and edit computer code in a flow-chart or text editor.

When you're done editing Contachit source code, you simply press a button to translate it into C++.
  • C++ is a huge language, and Contachit is not attempting to mimic all of it, but rather just a subset of it.
  • Right now, Contachit can only be translated into C++, but the plan is to add ability to translate it into C as well.
  • You can watch videos of it in action and/or download the latest version and try it out for yourself.
  • Contachit is a work in progress, and not quite ready for regular use by developers.

What's the difference between Contachit and C++?
The end result of Contachit is C++ code (by clicking on translate button).  However, there are differences.

Can Contachit source code, refer to existing C++ code?
There's some compatibility via the concept of a "fake function" and "fake object", which serve as aliases for existing C++ functions/classes.

This lets the Contachit parser be aware of C++ function/classes that exist outside of your Contachit code, while at the same time enforcing Contachit syntax.