What is Contachit?
Contachit is a computer language and an IDE, that allows you to both view and edit computer code in a flow-chart (or text editor if you prefer).

When you are done editing Contachit code, you press a button to translate it into C++ code.  So in a way, you could think of it as a front end to C++.  However, C++ is a huge language, and Contachit makes no attempt at mimicking every part of it.
Example Screenshot

Example of why Contachit is needed.
In the two screen shots below, you will see why Contachit is so desperately needed. The C++ code doesn't do anything special, it's just an example of how modern code might look like in a source file.

The screen shot on the right, has arrows to indicate when the next statement to be executed is NOT the next line in the file. Red arrows indicate the path when a logic comparison is false, or for "break" statements. Black arrows indicated when the function ends and/or falls through to some other part of code.

As you can see, the actual logic of a function can get quite complicated with only a few lines of code.

Regular source code. Code as flow-chart.

That same function, written and displayed in Contachit.
Code as flow-chart.
Green arrow is true path.
Red arrow is false path.
Black arrow is fall through path.
Blue arrow has while loop contents and path.
End of flow of control. Means end of function.
The "block #" can be turned on/off.

What's the difference between Contachit and C++?
The end result of Contachit is C++ code (by clicking on translate button).  However there are differences.

Are Contachit and C++ compatible?
Yes (but probably not 100%)!  I've created the concept of a "fake function" and "fake object", which serve as aliases for C++ functions/classes.  Doing so, makes the Contachit parser aware of function/classes outside of your code, and at the same time enforces Contachit syntax.

I've tried this out, and it seems to work, but I don't want to say there's 100% compatibility because I haven't used it enough to verify this.

Want to learn more?
Watch some example videos, then when you're done, click on the other "menu tabs" at the top of the page to learn more about Contachit.