Download Contachit

Current binary download:   Contachit_Linux_amd64_2021_August_8.tar.xz

What to expect: Contachit is a work in progress, so don't expect a completed language and IDE... however, there is a lot that does work.  I'm providing regular downloads so people can monitor the progress, and as a way to validate this isn't vapor-ware.  Feel free to look at the example projects I've provided, which contain comments that help explain things.  I highly recommend you press the "translate" button on a project or two, and examine the auto-generated C++ code... just keep in mind that the "translate" button is disabled if there are any parse errors/warnings.


Historical Records

Note: Older versions of Contachit, which were released to the public, are listed below.  When the source code is released, it will appear next to it (no later than 3 years after binary release).

  1. Contachit_Linux_amd64_2020_November_5.tar.xz
  2. Contachit_Linux_amd64_2020_November_9.tar.xz